591 plays

The Adverts “Television’s Over”

931 plays

Buzzcocks “What Do I Get?”

1,817 plays

Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” (1975 demo)

233 plays

Television “Little Johnny Jewel”

359 plays

Stiv Bators “The Last Year”

1,771 plays

Cock Sparrer “We Love You” (Rolling Stones cover)

1,307 plays

The Kinks “Lola”

439 plays

X “Nausea”

745 plays

Guitar Wolf “Motor Cycle Leather Boy”

4,499 plays

The Shangri-Las “You Cheated, You Lied”

619 plays

Pixies “Wave Of Mutilation” (UK Surf)

1,689 plays

Nig-Heist “Love In Your Mouth”

311 plays

The Fall “How I Wrote Elastic Man”

279 plays

New York Dolls “Lonely Planet Boy”

1,269 plays

The Cramps “Sunglasses After Dark” (1977 Demo)

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